Tokyo is a good place to eat!!

Yesterday I went to AKASAKA(center of Tokyo) for lunch with my friend.
It was a french restaurant named " Le Physalis ".
It is a small restaurant, however it is very pretty, comfortable, good foods, and reasonable price for the content. (Dinner curse's price has recently increased. 4700 yen and 6000 yen)
There are three lunch curses, and we chose 2100 yen curse.(about US$16.80)
Full curse's price is 3500yen(about US$28), however, it might be too big for lady.

Let's see pictures!

First appetizer (otoshi) you can't chose.

This is a mousse of avocado and tomato jelly over it.
It was very soft and light.....tomato jelly's acidity was a point of this dishes.

Second appetizer is choose by you from three dishes.
We choose corn soup and shrimp & potato salad with green source.

Soup was wonderful......tasted corn's natural sweetness and it was whipped.That is why the feeling when you ate was softer!

The shrimp& potato salad is also good. Simple taste but the shrimp was very fresh.
Third is a main dishes, which is also you can chose.
I chose" The tomato stew of cow muscles" with gnocchi(ニョッキ?)

This was very soft and tasty.....however, we have almost been full........

My friend ordered "The saute of a duck"
We shared them and I might like this duck more than cow.....This source was so good and the duck meat was soft ....I think because of a just right baking degree. Good cooked.

Final dessert, I chose Gateau chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream and chocolate source.

My friend chose fig cake with almond cream....

Both were delicious!! You can chose a cup of coffee or tea with a dessert.

This A curse was only 2100 yen.(about US$16.8)Don't you think it is very cheap?
Of course you can eat homemade bread as much as you like.

This bread is also very tasty!!

Hummm.....I think Japan is a competitive country, that is why restaurant price is competitive too....This is good for us, though.....owners must be sweating.....

Anyway I think foreigners think Tokyo is a expensive country, but I think Tokyo is very good because there are lots of place to eat and you can eat every kind of food with reasonable price. ( Of course, there are very expensive restaurants too but am talking in general and it is compared with Europe.

Le Physalis
TEL: 03-5561-0805

You should reserve before visiting!!

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vlado&toni さんのコメント...

Hmmmm that looks very yummy!!! I agree with you, that is very cheap and nowhere in France can you find something like that - for that price. I have a friend who went to Paris two years ago and they drank orange juice in one of the cafes, guess what they paid for that glass? €8.00!!! how much is that now, U$10.00 i think if you convert it.

momo さんのコメント...

Hello Vlado & Toni......well one glass of orange juice was US$10....
Well, in Tokyo, someplace is expensive but still not like that..... When I go to Europe, I always feel restaurant's foods are more expensive than Japan. But funny thing is that here, each foods are more expensive than europe, such as fruits and vegetable......strange (-/-?)
☆ momo