Nice to meet you!!
Today is a first day that I contribute to my blog here. So please let me introduce myself!
My name is momo, a Japanese. female....
I live near Tokyo, in a town called Chiba.
I have just designed my own brand of fashion goods, which are bags, purses, etc.
My brand's selling point is a collaboration with a famous Japanese illustrator, "Nobuko*Takagi"
I have seen her work in more than 100 illustrators.........and I fell in love with her artwork :))
And my web shop has just started on August 1.

Please visit here and let me know your opinion!!

This website is written in Japanese, however, I will explain about it little by little.
I am there as a model :)) coz no money to use a real model haha

This blog is not only presenting my brand, but also about Japan or my life as a shop owner....
I wish I could also provide things that you are interested in about Japan!!

By the way, I have already written my blog in Japanese.......since March
It is written in Japanese, however there are various pictures about various things, so you might be interested in.........especially if you visit a category like "momo's job" or "momo in HK&CHNA", you can see about China & HK, Chinese foods, Chinese factories, etc.

I will pick up some titles from this blog and explain them.......if you have some interesting categories, please let me know!!

Keep in touch!

Have a nice weekend


momo= peach in English

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