animal fortune-telling(dobutu uranai)

Hello Friends!

I am sorry that I couldn't write this English blog for long time after coming back from my domestic trip!
It was really nice and I have lots of pictures that you will be interested in, however, I am quite lazy to up.......anyway in few days, I will introduce my experiences and nice pictures.......so please forgive me.

Instead of it, I will give you a very trustworthy and interesting fortune-teller called " dobutu uranai" in Japanese. dobutu = animal uranai= fortune-telling

We Japanese really like these things.
You might doubt this but I promise that this works....this tells exactly your character.
Just put on your birthday ....that is all.....

Try it now ↓

dobutsu uranai

Me? Of course I did and I don't have any excuse about it .....but I hope it will be wrong only final phrase......
My animal is Gold Pegasus ( well not an animal though.... --;)
This is me ....haha 100% agree to this result......
You are Gold Pegasus, who is extremely cheerful and seems like a very open person. You can show consideration to others, and have a good sense of humor. You are also a person who doesn't want to loose.However, you can be very temperamental, and can suddenly become optimistic, and next minute you are very pessimistic.You look for fancy atmosphere in daily life, but you know that is only to cover up for your own dissatisfaction and discontent. You possess unworldly bilateral character.You have very unique personality, and people who like you and those who don't are clearly divided.You tend to be audacious, but you must be careful when you use it. Because Gold Pegasus people tend to be divided into those who exhibit great talent and those who can go stray from the right path.Unlike your confident attitude, you are rather too nervous, sensitive and can easily change or give up your objectives. Your natural instinct is fabulous, and you have a passionate personality. You tend to lead life with lots of emotional ups and downs.You dislike being restricted, and prefer to enjoy freedom, and this will not change even after you get married. Therefore there is a chance of you getting divorced.


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The late summer vacationes!!

My friend invited me for shikoku trip!!
There are some reason but it doesn't matter!!
I have not had summer vacation yet and have not traveled for a while except Chinese business trip, so I am excited!!
The schedule is from 7Th of September until 10Th of September.....

I fly from Tokyo Haneda airport.
We don't directly fly to shikoku, we arrive at Osaka and then we take a trip bus and then a ferry!!
Wow.......there are fourprefectures and for 4 days we will go around three prefectures and last day, we go to Hiroshima and fly there to Tokyo.

I have to arrive in Haneda airport until 7:10
It takes more than one hour half, so ooops, what time should I leave home? (--;)
In the truth, Tokyo Narita international airport is much closer to my house, it is much easier for me to go abroad!!

oh- my god!! Typhoon is coming to Japan....I wish it would be gone somewhere!!

Anyway I am so excited and am looking forward to showing lots of picture here.....

Now I am thinking which carry bag I will use.....
As I am working in bag's field for long time, I have many carry bags.(suitcase)
I have almost 10 suitcases and my mother claim me that my things occupy most space!!
oh- it must be added more later hahahah

ok! have to prepare now!!

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Our homepage is translated in English!!

Here is our website (Artist-Japan-Fashion) translated in English.....google
Hummm........how much can you understand?

I think that it is very difficult to be translated from Japanese to English.
Maybe it is easier from English to Japanese because Japanese has various way to say for one word. For example " I "........in Japanese, watashi, washi, boku, ore, wagahai watakushi, uti etc.....
All mean " I" but they have different nyuance.

That is why Japanese is not translated well by Automatic Translation Machine.

Anyway let me know how much you can understand and how strange it is.....
I am curious about it!!
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Tokyo is a good place to eat!!

Yesterday I went to AKASAKA(center of Tokyo) for lunch with my friend.
It was a french restaurant named " Le Physalis ".
It is a small restaurant, however it is very pretty, comfortable, good foods, and reasonable price for the content. (Dinner curse's price has recently increased. 4700 yen and 6000 yen)
There are three lunch curses, and we chose 2100 yen curse.(about US$16.80)
Full curse's price is 3500yen(about US$28), however, it might be too big for lady.

Let's see pictures!

First appetizer (otoshi) you can't chose.

This is a mousse of avocado and tomato jelly over it.
It was very soft and light.....tomato jelly's acidity was a point of this dishes.

Second appetizer is choose by you from three dishes.
We choose corn soup and shrimp & potato salad with green source.

Soup was wonderful......tasted corn's natural sweetness and it was whipped.That is why the feeling when you ate was softer!

The shrimp& potato salad is also good. Simple taste but the shrimp was very fresh.
Third is a main dishes, which is also you can chose.
I chose" The tomato stew of cow muscles" with gnocchi(ニョッキ?)

This was very soft and tasty.....however, we have almost been full........

My friend ordered "The saute of a duck"
We shared them and I might like this duck more than cow.....This source was so good and the duck meat was soft ....I think because of a just right baking degree. Good cooked.

Final dessert, I chose Gateau chocolate cake with pistachio ice cream and chocolate source.

My friend chose fig cake with almond cream....

Both were delicious!! You can chose a cup of coffee or tea with a dessert.

This A curse was only 2100 yen.(about US$16.8)Don't you think it is very cheap?
Of course you can eat homemade bread as much as you like.

This bread is also very tasty!!

Hummm.....I think Japan is a competitive country, that is why restaurant price is competitive too....This is good for us, though.....owners must be sweating.....

Anyway I think foreigners think Tokyo is a expensive country, but I think Tokyo is very good because there are lots of place to eat and you can eat every kind of food with reasonable price. ( Of course, there are very expensive restaurants too but am talking in general and it is compared with Europe.

Le Physalis
TEL: 03-5561-0805

You should reserve before visiting!!

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Japan is a safe country but and also a very dangerous country.....

Maybe you still remember a month ago a big earthquake happened in NIGATA( North Japan)
It has not been recovered yet( buildings, transportation and houses), however, it is a country side so still damage was less than Earthquake in KOBE.

By the way, recent days lots of earthquake happen in my area........
They are not such big like earthquake in Nigata or KOBE, are magnitude 3 or 4 ....but ten more earthquakes are happening a day.
We are afraid of coming a big one in KANTO area( tokyo) and if it happens, a damage will be worse than those two earthquakes.

It is said that a big one won't come but who knows?
Japan is a earthquake's country and we never run away from it. So what we can do is preparing....
We are said to prepare a bottle of water and foods at least for 2 or 3 days because in 3 days, water and food will be provided.
We have a training how to act, where to run when it happens at school.......
But in real, it is impossible to behave as you trained.

Because move like this ↓click this movie and feel it
Earthquake in kobe

So you think Japan is the safest country, however it is not true......maybe the most dangerous country.........

☆ momo


The most populer song in Japan

                                                 Today I present the most popular song now in Japan.

The name was "oshirikajirimushi"

The story is that a bug bites buttocks and makes people closer....
He bites, bites, bites.....one day, he bit someone's butt in the city, and it was bitter ...then his mouth became sore and he was sick......

This song has been presented at a kid's TV program, but suddenly, it has been very popular and now you can't even find the CD at a store.....
It's easy to see why it is such a popular song....lol coz it's very cute....

I heard this song a month ago and I fell in love when I listened it with my nephew...
My nephew 7 years and old sings it... very cute......

OK now, let's listen the music!!!
Enjoy it!! click here

oshirikajirimushi by youtube

a mid night visitor.....he scared me


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It is midnight here ......I took a shower and came back to my room.
My room's air conditioner was working and my room should have been really cool and comfortable.....but......I sweated (cold sweat) when I came back to my room.
Because something was on an air- conditioner......so you know it was not a human being....(--;)
           It was.......↓

It was a baby newt......I can't believe that it was at my room...
Well, he didn't move and looked at me and so did I .....
Hummm......even the newt couldn't endure the hot temperature......
He made me crazy first but I noticed it was better than a cockroach......so I let him stay there (^^)v coz it is just a baby.....
Anyway he gave me a topic of today's blog!!

If you were, what you would do??????

☆ momo