The late summer vacationes!!

My friend invited me for shikoku trip!!
There are some reason but it doesn't matter!!
I have not had summer vacation yet and have not traveled for a while except Chinese business trip, so I am excited!!
The schedule is from 7Th of September until 10Th of September.....

I fly from Tokyo Haneda airport.
We don't directly fly to shikoku, we arrive at Osaka and then we take a trip bus and then a ferry!!
Wow.......there are fourprefectures and for 4 days we will go around three prefectures and last day, we go to Hiroshima and fly there to Tokyo.

I have to arrive in Haneda airport until 7:10
It takes more than one hour half, so ooops, what time should I leave home? (--;)
In the truth, Tokyo Narita international airport is much closer to my house, it is much easier for me to go abroad!!

oh- my god!! Typhoon is coming to Japan....I wish it would be gone somewhere!!

Anyway I am so excited and am looking forward to showing lots of picture here.....

Now I am thinking which carry bag I will use.....
As I am working in bag's field for long time, I have many carry bags.(suitcase)
I have almost 10 suitcases and my mother claim me that my things occupy most space!!
oh- it must be added more later hahahah

ok! have to prepare now!!

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vlado&toni さんのコメント...

Enjoy your vacation :) I'm sure you are going to have a great time. Take care and hopefully you have found the right bag for you:)

Will be waiting for those pictures definitely!

momo さんのコメント...

Hello Vlado& Toni
It was really nice trip .....
But I am just lazy recently.....
Please wait for a while, and you can see all detail!!
☆ momo