animal fortune-telling(dobutu uranai)

Hello Friends!

I am sorry that I couldn't write this English blog for long time after coming back from my domestic trip!
It was really nice and I have lots of pictures that you will be interested in, however, I am quite lazy to up.......anyway in few days, I will introduce my experiences and nice pictures.......so please forgive me.

Instead of it, I will give you a very trustworthy and interesting fortune-teller called " dobutu uranai" in Japanese. dobutu = animal uranai= fortune-telling

We Japanese really like these things.
You might doubt this but I promise that this works....this tells exactly your character.
Just put on your birthday ....that is all.....

Try it now ↓

dobutsu uranai

Me? Of course I did and I don't have any excuse about it .....but I hope it will be wrong only final phrase......
My animal is Gold Pegasus ( well not an animal though.... --;)
This is me ....haha 100% agree to this result......
You are Gold Pegasus, who is extremely cheerful and seems like a very open person. You can show consideration to others, and have a good sense of humor. You are also a person who doesn't want to loose.However, you can be very temperamental, and can suddenly become optimistic, and next minute you are very pessimistic.You look for fancy atmosphere in daily life, but you know that is only to cover up for your own dissatisfaction and discontent. You possess unworldly bilateral character.You have very unique personality, and people who like you and those who don't are clearly divided.You tend to be audacious, but you must be careful when you use it. Because Gold Pegasus people tend to be divided into those who exhibit great talent and those who can go stray from the right path.Unlike your confident attitude, you are rather too nervous, sensitive and can easily change or give up your objectives. Your natural instinct is fabulous, and you have a passionate personality. You tend to lead life with lots of emotional ups and downs.You dislike being restricted, and prefer to enjoy freedom, and this will not change even after you get married. Therefore there is a chance of you getting divorced.


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