Japan is a safe country but and also a very dangerous country.....

Maybe you still remember a month ago a big earthquake happened in NIGATA( North Japan)
It has not been recovered yet( buildings, transportation and houses), however, it is a country side so still damage was less than Earthquake in KOBE.

By the way, recent days lots of earthquake happen in my area........
They are not such big like earthquake in Nigata or KOBE, are magnitude 3 or 4 ....but ten more earthquakes are happening a day.
We are afraid of coming a big one in KANTO area( tokyo) and if it happens, a damage will be worse than those two earthquakes.

It is said that a big one won't come but who knows?
Japan is a earthquake's country and we never run away from it. So what we can do is preparing....
We are said to prepare a bottle of water and foods at least for 2 or 3 days because in 3 days, water and food will be provided.
We have a training how to act, where to run when it happens at school.......
But in real, it is impossible to behave as you trained.

Because move like this ↓click this movie and feel it
Earthquake in kobe

So you think Japan is the safest country, however it is not true......maybe the most dangerous country.........

☆ momo

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