Japanese foods are healthy and tasty!!


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Hello Buddy!
How was your weekend????
As for me, I was just surfing on the net and checking what I needed to take care of some business.
Actually I am writing three blogs. One is for Japanese friends in Japanese, and the others are for foreign friends in English.......all are different a little bit.
But writing blog uses your time lot, doesn't it?

Last Friday, even though it was a very, very hot day, I went out with my friends for dinner.
We chose a Japanese restaurant.
It's a type of restaurant called " izakaya" in Japan (not the name of the restaurant itself, but rather, the type of restaurant)......Izakaya have various price levels, but usually not very expensive like a real Japanese restaurant.
You can eat for a reasonable price, that is why people visit it very often after work....
there are very cheap izakaya for young people and also some are for adults. A difference is price, ambience and type of foods..............this time, we went to a izakaya for adults, so the ambience was so nice, and the foods were healthy and tasty....

First, tofu....but not normal tofu, it is called "egg tofu" --- egg mixed with soy milk.....really healthy and tasty one. Looks nice , doesn't it?

Then various home cooking foods......

And sashimi.....typical menu!!

Lettuce salad with sesame sauce.....this is really easy and tasty....of course healthy, so I will tell you how to make this dressing.

you cut lettuce and wash it. Cut by hand, never by knife for lettuce (tear it with your hands).
If you have it, add cucumber, too.
Add some pepper and salt, white sesame, and at last, pour sesame oil over salad and toss. If salt and pepper are not sufficient to taste, add some more.
Don't put too much at first, add little by little.
That is all, you can eat lots of vegetables healthily.

Japanese special fried chicken with special soy source
This was really good....This was the best of all foods! Well, just my opinion, though....

And dessert....Japanese sweet. " shiratamadango"

The white "pucks" are made of rice powder, and they are served with beans in a sweet sauce. The sauce has sugar in it, which makes it sweet.

I really wonder if you like this because I know only one Italian friend who likes this type of sweet. Others,hated it.......especially Spanish people. They eat beans as food, not as a desert sweet....maybe that is why....

Usually in Izakaya, people drink beer, shochu and sake, but as I don't drink alcohol, I just had a glass of tea!! How sad !!
My friends drank lots of beer and they looked really happy.....
They said no more happiness than drinking cold beer on the hottest day!!
I really envied them when I saw it...... How do I feel if I can drink beer....
Hummm.....how to learn it?

Now you must feel that you are in Japan!! : ))


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vlado&toni さんのコメント...

yummy, those japanese food really look so beautiful and appetizing.. i hope we can go to japan one day, visit you of course and you can give us a food/restaurant tour too :) - Toni

momo さんのコメント...

of course I will take you various place that you have never seen and eaten!! not so difficult to find those things coz you live in Germany.....
I also want to try your food!! You cook great......

vlado&toni さんのコメント...

i sure am looking forward to that :)

momo さんのコメント...

me too .....!! ☆ momo