Japanese house's tour (momo's house)

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Hello buddy

Here it is going on hot days.......always 33-35 degrees celsius (about 91.4 to 95 fahrenheit)....
Usually it will be like this until September.....hope it becomes cooler as soon as possible.

Now I am working at my home.
I live with my parents and the house is a one-family home with two stories.
It is quite difficult to have a house in Tokyo, however I live in Chiba (next to Tokyo), and here, we can still live in a house with garden.

As you know, I have just started my own business....so I can't rent an office or warehouse, so I put all products in our Japanese room.
Generally an individual house has some rooms and one of them is Japanese style.
As the Japanese room's symbol, tatami is used there......except a japanese room, I think inside of house is not so different from western's one.

So today, I will show you a real japanese house......Let's go to momo's house tour!!!

Here is a Japanese house .....unfortunally it is full with cartons (my products)

Can you see tatami?
In summer, it is comfortable to take a nap on tatami....it is natural and removes humidity...... Some old-fashioned people put the tatami on a futon, rather than a bed-- however, most of us sleep a tatami that is on top of a bed.
All decorations are Japanese style.

Instead of a curtain, we use syoji in a Japanese room (white paper window). Did you notice that I didn't say "rice paper window?" This is because rice paper is actually a food that is made in either Thailand or Vietnam! THIS paper--the paper in the window--is not edible! Therefore, we never call it "rice paper" in Japan... we call it "white paper."

Anyway now I am making the room useless, I feel a bit guilty, though....

I think you have already known, we Japanese take off shoes when we enter a house.
So a door (entrance) is a special place. There is a step difference, so it is clear that you have to take off shoes.....well I love this culture to take off shoes coz it is more clean, isn't it? Originally, we would take our shoes off so as to keep the floor clean. Before beds, we used to sleep on the floor! We wouldn't want to sleep in a dirty bed. So, we take our shoes off. Now that we have beds, this is just a custom.

We take off shoes and wear slippers in a house.

Finally, bathroom.....not so big a difference... here, we have an open shower. In the winter time, we like a bath and use bathtub (on left, covered in photo).

Our house's bath maybe a bit bigger than an average.....but the system is same.
You can see a bathtub on the left.....
In summer, I don't use a bathtub, do only shower because too hot......however, in winter, Japanese bath style is really good.....you can relax in it.
You wash outside and then relax in hot water in the tub.
Normally we don't change bathtub's water each time. All family use the same water.
Forigners must think it is dirty but we have place to wash first.......(can you see?) and just make you warm in a tub. And after, you take shower before finishing.....
In our case, a bath has a cleaning system and keeps the water warm 24 hours a day.
So clean all time...... :))
Anyway, whenever I am in other countries, I miss a Japanese bath.....Trust me, it is really good and make you feel good!!

How about today's tour?
I am afraid that you think we are still wearing kimono when we sleep :p

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vlado&toni さんのコメント...

thank you very much for this small tour around your home and for explaining the details behind it, your house looks really beautiful. i really like the japanese style of interior, very detailed and very transparent, i love those japanese curtains "syoji" too. i heard about that japanese bad too, that it should be very hot and that it has its own system, thanks for explaining it too. - Toni

momo さんのコメント...

Toni, welcome!!
And this room will be your room when you visit to Japan......we have an own room and this room is always for visitors......so now I have to sell all of them and make the room clean until you visit!!
☆ momo

vlado&toni さんのコメント...

wow, that's a beautiful room :) I look forward to that possibility, who knows it might happen? never say never. by the way, i added your blog to my links, hope that is ok with you. thanks - toni

momo さんのコメント...

toni, it of course happens.....coz you and vlado travel every year!! just a bit far, though.....
thank you for liking my blog, I appreciate you and how to do? i do the same though...