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Hello friends,
Recently Tokyo is really hot and humid.
For example, yesterday it was 34 degrees and today is 35 degrees (93.2 and 95 fahrenheit).
The worst thing is the humidity......maybe better than HK & China but it must be about 80% or more humidity here, too.......and also, it's typhoon season.....
But soon, we will be in obon festival and many people will be on vacations.
Then people go back to to their home town or travel abroad.....so this season is the most expensive season for airline tickets........of course, I shift my vacation to September or October, so it becomes much cheaper........ However, this year, I have not decided yet where I will go.
I hope my business is too busy to allow me to go anywhere then .....lol

By the way, I will tell you about the opening day of my business.
I had already announced the opening day of our website on my Japanese Blog
So, on the first of August, many friends send me e-card, comments and e-mail to say "congratulations!"
I was quite surprised at these echoes.......and I have felt that I should be more serious about my new business.
That is this is not hobby or for fun, I am selling things and have lots of responsibility......
At the opening day, one package arrived.
I wondered who had sent it to me........
It was from my high school friend.

The card says "momo, congratulations on the opening of your new business! "
wow......It seems a bit exaggerated to be called "business" but I had more interest in content lol.

I am a quite gluttonous. :) so soon I opened the package and it was a box of Macaroons!!

I love Macaroons........well, nowadays, Macaroons are made in Japan. I should not say now.....It has been years since Japanese people have started talking about Macaroons.
But it they are still very popular........
I ate various shop's Macaroons, however, these were quite tasty ones.....

I think a Macaroon is kinda art......the form and colors.....so I have had an idea of a new design after seeing the Macaroons :)) In near future, a Macaroon bag might be produced by momo!
Anyway as I got many friends' aid, I should realize my dream.
Please keep on cheering and supporting me, and I will do my best!!
Have a good day!!

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vlado&toni さんのコメント...

We wish you all the best in your new business!!

momo さんのコメント...

Thank you so much Vlado& Toni...
I will do the best!!
☆ momo